Could Will Smith's plans for Dumbo torpedo Bad Boys III

Ben Arnold
No more bad boys?... third movie could be on hold - Credit: Columbia
No more bad boys?… third movie could be on hold – Credit: Columbia

Last we heard, ‘Bad Boys III’ was all go, and Will Smith was on board with his old mucker Martin Lawrence.

There was even talk of a ‘Bad Boys IV’ too.

Joe Carnahan, writer and director of movies like ‘The Grey’ and ‘Smokin’ Aces’ was even hired to write the script for the long-awaited third instalment.

But now, there’s talk that Will Smith is instead circling a leading role in Disney’s live action remake of ‘Dumbo’, according to Variety.

(Credit: Vulture)
(Credit: Vulture)

It’s said that Smith is in line to play the father of the children who befriend Dumbo after seeing him at a circus.

Tom Hanks is also said to be circling the role of the movie’s villain, with Tim Burton in the director’s chair.

According to reports, the original story, of an elephant ridiculed for his big ears and who learns to use them to fly, will be a mixture of live-action and animation.

(Credit: Rex Features)
(Credit: Rex Features)

But if Smith takes the role, it could well mean that ‘Bad Boys 3’ gets its start date pushed back, or could even be shelved indefinitely.

Poor Martin Lawrence…

‘Dumbo’ is the latest in a long line of Disney projects getting the live-action treatment, with Emma Stone set to play Cruella de Vil, and Reese Witherspoon geared up to play Tinkerbell.

First up will be ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. It’s due out on March 17.

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