Could Young Avengers Happen At Marvel? Xochitl Gomez Weighs In

 America Chavez .
America Chavez .

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is always expanding, and Phases Four and Five have introduced a ton of new characters. That includes a number of younger superheroes like Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop and Ant-Man’s Cassie Lang. And as such, fans are hoping the Young Avengers will be assembled in an upcoming Marvel movie. But could it actually happen? One of those heroes, Xochitl Gomez aka America Chavez, recently weighed in.

Many fans who have been watching the Marvel movies in order have noticed how many younger superheroes have entered the fray over the last few years. And as such, fans want to see them crossover to form the Young Avengers. She recently spoke to ComicBook about the concept of uniting these newcomers onscreen, sharing:

It would be pretty awesome to have a pretty young, diverse cast altogether. Just the thought of that is pretty awesome. Just knowing that we all support one another. And I saw Kathryn [Newton], she came to [Dancing With the Stars]. It's just one of those things that it would be nice to have a fun moment altogether.

There you have it. Sounds like Gomez is down to assemble the Young Avengers sometime in the future. The studio's plans are unclear, but it does seem purposeful that so many of these characters have been introduced in quick succession. Bring on the crossovers!

These comments come as Xochitl Gomez is appearing on Dancing with the Stars. But moviegoers are curious about her future in the MCU, after America Chavez’s debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. While she doesn’t know when she’ll be return, hopefully it’ll be alongside other younger heroes like Ms. Marvel or even Hulk’s son Skaar.

As Xochitl Gomez mentions, she recently was able to hang out with another possible Young Avenger: Ant-Man 3’s Kathryn Newton. Gomez and Newton posted a fun TikTok that teased their interest in appearing in the shared universe together. But they seemingly have no idea about what’s coming next, which is par for the course given Marvel’s notoriously tight security. Still, it seems like bringing the Young Avengers together wouldn’t be a huge leap, especially given other ensemble projects like Thunderbolts that are coming down the line.

Phase Four and Five have given a lot of focus to younger characters, which wasn’t really the case throughout the Infinity Saga (except for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man). But thanks to projects on both the small and silver screens, we’ve been introduced to Kate Bishop, Yelena, Cassie Lang aka Stature, Ms. Marvel, America Chavez, Skaar, and Thor's adopted daughter Love. Now we just need to combine them to create a new bonafide superhero team!

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