Couple accidentally proposes to each other at the same time: 'I don’t think a better proposal story has ever existed'

Every proposal moment is magical, but how about a double proposal at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom?

Mac, @herecomemac on TikTok, shared the heartwarming and coincidental moment when they were about to propose to their boyfriend at the magical spot in front of Cinderella’s castle in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. when the tables were very romantically turned.

As the Florida-based couple poses for a loved-up photo opp, Mac very slyly pulls a ring box out of their dress pocket and, after exchanging a kiss, drops to their knee. But the moment their boyfriend sees his partner in front of him, he bursts into hearty laughter before reaching down to his own shorts pocket — where he pulls out his own ring box and drops to his knee right beside them.

When the couple and the crowd realize what’s happening, excited screaming and laughing break out, and the moment becomes more magical than all of Disney World. The two stay on their knees, laughing in disbelief at their dual proposal moments before they each joyfully accept each other’s proposals and slide the rings on.

“So cute… I’m so happy,” voices can be heard saying in the background of the video, which a family member filmed.

Mac joked that they and their partner “share one brain cell,” and TikTok just couldn’t get enough of their double proposal love story.

“Every time I see a double proposal I bawl my little baby eyes out,” confessed @funk.panda.

“Nothing hits me right through the heart like a double proposal,” added @witness_protection.

“I don’t think a better proposal story has ever existed,” commented @wittywhippersnapper.

Mac also posted a few follow-up videos to their proposal surprise, sharing that they and their now-fiance are 31 and 29, respectively, had met at a job neither of them works at anymore. They began dating about a month after they met. They had been dating for about three and a half years before they proposed to each other and had planned their respective proposals completely irrespectively of each other.

Mac had arranged for their aunt — who was in on the whole thing from the beginning — and cousin, who was also surprised, to “just so happen” to also be at the park early in the morning to film the moment. Mac’s boyfriend, however, had planned for his own proposal to take place during the fireworks show at night.

Mac’s boyfriend had also let his mom know about his plans to propose over the phone, while Mac texted their future mother-in-law shortly after detailing their own plans to propose. But the secret was kept, and somehow, the mother-in-law stayed chill about the whole thing without ruining either of their plans.

Mac also shared some details about the rings they had exchanged: Mac’s is an Onyx coffin cut with tiny diamonds on the side and a secret message on the white gold band, while their fiance’s is a simple sterling silver band with a “hammered look” to it.

In their videos, Mac also gave some sweet shoutouts to both their cousin and aunt @generic.millennial.npc and @hangingwithjavi for filming as well as to their wigmaker after explaining that they wore a wig in the video and frequently wear a wig because they prefer to shave their head regularly to deal with their very thick hair.

And as Mac’s double proposal video clearly demonstrates, no amount of comments can stop something as unwaveringly beautiful as true love from shining through.

“You’re beautiful and that video was so cute congrats to both of you on your engagement,” @Tia wrote.

The couple shared that they have no plans to wed at Disney but plan to have a Halloween wedding next year, which will no doubt be just as epic as their proposal.

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