Couple’s dance workout will have you breaking a sweat while you watch

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Fitness guru Alexandra Yaeger posts mini workouts for her TikTok following of over 650,000. But every now and then her equally-as-fit boyfriend Tyler Gross will make an appearance.

Gross and Yaeger’s videos together tend to be a bit different. Rather than one of Yager’s serviceable tutorials, like how to work your triceps, the pair tends to be a bit more playful and they’re not afraid to add a bit of choreography to their routine.

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For one workout, Yaeger and Gross got in the fitness groove to the TikTok classic “Hit Yo Rollie.” The two start in a pushup position and then the song’s commands begin. “Right foot, now left foot,” the singer says. Then Yaeger and Gross do mountain climbers, which is when you lift your knee toward your chin in a pushup position. And these two are just getting warmed up.

When the song says, “one hand, one hand” they lift each hand. But when the lyrics switch to “two hands, two hands,” Yaeger and Gross drop into a plank position. Phew. When it’s time to “hit yo rollie,” they walk their hands back from the plank into the Downward Dog pose. Finally, when the singer says, “now lean with it, rock with it,” they swing their hips from side to side in the plank position.

The workout may only be a few seconds but it’s definitely intense!

“My goal is to be able to do this by next year,” one TikTok user said.

“I’m working on this!” another wrote.

“They did this so smooth. Omg,” one person commented.

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