Couple who quit their EMT jobs for OnlyFans say they are a "million times happier"

A couple who swapped their jobs in the ambulance service for Only Fans say they take "just as much pride" in taking saucy snaps as they did working for the NHS. Kayley Winterson, 26, and Emily Rose, 28, quit their jobs as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) in the ambulance service after suffering "extreme burnout and traumatic jobs" whilst working on the front line of the NHS. The duo, from near Norwich, Norfolk, went from life savers to heart-stoppers, as they set up their own Only Fans account. Kayley first started Only Fans in March 2021, after leaving the ambulance service in January 2021. Her partner Emily then joined the team full time in January 2023. Now, the couple, who have been together for seven years, make quadruple their NHS £11-an-hour salary, whilst having "more fun" - compared to their lifestyle as EMTs. Kayley and Emily say they are a "million times happier" creating frisky content. Kayley said: "I joined the ambulance service during the first Covid lockdown in March 2020. "I was finishing up my studies and they asked people if they had any capacity to help the ambulance service as an EMT in a full time role. "I said yes and received an intense one week training course. "Working in the ambulance service was terrible for our mental health. It's a minimum 12 hour shift most of the time and it was so busy. "Sometimes I'd be assigned a call at the start of my shift at 6am, but then by the end of my shift at 6pm I still hadn't gotten round to going. "I ended up feeling so bad thinking about leaving someone there so I'd just go anyway, but then a 12-hour shift turned into a 15-hour shift. "It was emotionally and physically draining." Emily said: "I signed up onto an EMT apprenticeship, which lasted 18 months. "I started a 12-week training course in spring 2020 then was on the road with Kaylee by the second wave later that year. "The job is so intense that even though we lived together, we would sometimes go six days without spending any time together. "We tried to pick up shifts together but that was very rare." After almost a year of working in the service, Kaylee decided to quit in January 2021. She set up her Only Fans in March that year. She said: "One of the final straws for me is when I was working throughout lockdown and I spoke to people that would earn more than me working at a coffee shop. "I was on £11-an-hour driving around during the height of the pandemic, going through really traumatic experiences and getting nothing back. "In a way I think I manifested this happening for us. "Everyone used to say I had a good bum in my uniform so I'd joke and say that if for any reason this went tits up I would do an Only Fans. "No one ever believed me as I wasn't that type of girl, but here I am." After quitting the ambulance service, Kaylee began working at a Covid testing centre. However she soon realised that she made more money in the first 20 minutes of her shift from Only Fans than she would have made the entire day. She then quit that job too and pursued Only Fans full time to build her following, whilst Emily continued working for the ambulance service. Following a particularly traumatic call on the job, and months of mental health decline due to pressure at work, Emily decided to also quit the ambulance service and join Kaylee on their Only Fans in January 2023. Emily said: "There were times when I was going out on a long night shift and I'd get videos from Kaylee in the bath at home eating chocolate strawberries and pouring champagne over herself. "I'd had some pretty traumatic experiences at work. The job started to destroy my mental health and my perception of the world. "I felt like I was dedicating my life to something and getting absolutely nothing back. "I wanted to spend more time with Kaylee. I wanted to spend Christmases with her and actually be able to have a somewhat normal life. "Things took a turn for the worst and I was having anxiety breakdowns. I just couldn't face the possibility of going to work anymore. So, in January this year I left and joined Kaylee." The couple are now happier than ever, making sometimes quadruple the amount on Only Fans in a month than they would have done in the ambulance service. The couple describe their content as "what we were doing before anyway, but just setting up a camera with good lighting". The girls say their mental health is now "a million times" better and they "take pride of their work" - despite receiving some backlash from trolls online. Kaylee said: "We're bringing in more than I could have ever imagined whilst working in the NHS. "People are generally very supportive. Everyone we've spoken to understands that we weren't happy before and this enables us to be happy and spend time together. "I will say though, Only Fans is still hard work - it's not a get rich quick scheme. "People don't realise that it's mostly understanding the market, promoting yourself and asking yourself what is going to make people watch me rather than free porn. "We take pride in our work in the same way we took pride in our work whilst working in the NHS. "Our mental health is 100 times better. We almost don't live in reality anymore. We get up when we want, sleep when we want and barely know what day of the week it is. "I think the NHS work culture is only going to get worse in the next couple of years. Staff are being paid the bare minimum and are being grinded down to a pulp. "But because everyone who works in the NHS is so good natured, you feel awful if you don't do it because you know there are people out there suffering if you don't. "At the end of the day, there has to be a point where enough is enough. We're glad we made the switch, have never looked back and are excited to see where we can go from here."