Cowboys' Terrance Williams now claims Vikings' Kendall Wright crashed his Lamborghini

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Terrance Williams was arrested early Saturday morning near his Dallas-area home and charged with public intoxication after police found his blue Lamborghini crashed into a light pole not far from the Cowboys’ practice facility in Frisco, Texas.

Police determined the car was his after finding it at 4:41 a.m., and then went to Williams’ nearby home, where they found him “swerving heavily” on an electric bicycle and arrested him.

According to the Cowboys wide receiver, though, he wasn’t the one driving the 2017 Lamborghini.

Williams claims that he wasn’t driving the car, but that it was Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Kendall Wright who crashed the Lamborghini. Williams claims he was at home, and had let Wright borrow his car for a date. He said he got a call from Wright around 1:45 a.m. informing him of the crash, according to USA Today.

Williams initially released a statement, saying that “contrary to media reports” he didn’t hit a light pole. However, the Frisco Police department released photos on Thursday of Williams’ damaged car and a fallen light pole — and broken pieces of the car are clearly seen near the pole.

Both of his statements contradict what he initially told police, too.

“The driver in front of me slammed on his brakes and I turned to the left and hopped the curb to avoid hitting him,” Williams initially told police, according to USA Today. “I got his insurance information and my neighbor picked me up when my car wouldn’t drive.”

Williams’ attorney, Chip Lewis, told the Dallas Morning News on Thursday that Wright wasn’t driving the car, and that the pair — who played in college together at Baylor — had been out on Friday evening, but that Williams was alone in the car when he crashed.

“All I have is what Terrance remembers,” Lewis told the Dallas Morning News. “All of that is news to me. Anytime you hit a curve going about 60 mph and struck his head, I don’t know, but we’re going to find out. I have to do the work necessary when you have an injury like this when you hit your head if there is any head trauma as far as a gap in memory.”

Vikings general manager Rick Spielman told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that Williams’ claim that Wright was involved is completely inaccurate, too.

“I have spoken directly with Kendall and his agent and both have assured me there is no truth to the matter,” Spielman told the Star Tribune in a statement on Thursday.

From USA Today:

In the police report, officer Stephen Byrom said when officers went to Williams’ home — located in a gated community — he saw Williams driving an electric scooter out of the property in suburban Dallas. Byrom said he saw Williams swerve heavily before falling over the handlebars and onto the ground. Byrom wrote in the report that Williams had “bloodshot and watery eyes,” “slurred” speech, and had a “strong odor of alcohol.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, Williams told Byrom that he was going “literally nowhere, and to pick up his friend,” that he’d “never put himself in a [messed] up situation where we would be there,” and “stated multiple times throughout [the] conversation that he would never put himself in a bad situation and he would not lie to us.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he had read Williams’ statement about the incident, but that he still didn’t know all of the facts.

“I know Terrance,” Jones told USA Today while at league meetings in Atlanta this week. “He’s solid, real solid. I’m hopeful. I don’t know the details. I read his public statement about it and take it at face value.”

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