Crack An Avocado Like An Egg For Easy Guacamole

Ripe avocados and guacamole
Ripe avocados and guacamole - Jesmo5/Getty Images

Opening an avocado sans a knife sounds like an impossible task, but it turns out that you can actually crack one open just like an egg the next time you want to make your favorite crave-worthy guacamole. This technique has been making its rounds on TikTok and is worth a try. Simply apply pressure to the outside skin, twist the two sides apart, and then squeeze out the flesh. The fruit and pit inside free themselves from that dark green to almost black peel and plop right into a bowl, ready to be mashed into guac perfection.

Perform this task in front of guests and they will be astounded by what seems like magic. Of course, this trick is not going to work on just any avocado. Those rock-hard fruits that aren't ripe might hurt your hand if you try this hack on them. In the words of the fairy tale Goldilocks, you need an avocado that is just right — ripe and soft. These gems are the ones you've had setting out on the countertop for a few days.

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How To Know When Avocados Are Ripe Enough

A group of avocados with once sliced open
A group of avocados with once sliced open - Deckar 007/Shutterstock

How can you tell when your avocado is ready to be cracked open? Gently press on the bulbous or pear-shaped segment of the avocado. It takes longer for this section to ripen, but it should be soft and there should be little resistance. If you have a soft avocado but are still having a difficult time getting it open with your hands, you can stretch and pinch the outer skin to create a crack and then squeeze. It should open just like an egg does when you gently tap it against a bowl to crack it.

If all of the avocado flesh doesn't come out immediately, you can take whatever utensil you plan to use for mashing up your guac and just clean it out from either side of the avocado with your spoon or fork. Once your avocado is mashed up, add your chopped onions, salt, tomatoes, garlic, lime, cilantro, or whatever ingredients you love, and you're on your way to enjoying some incredible-tasting guacamole.

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