Craig David claims he has psychic abilities and can ‘see the future’ and ‘hear his ancestors clairvoyantly’

Craig David has claimed that not only does he have has psychic abilities, he can channel his ancestors clairvoyantly and “see things in the future”.

The Fill Me In hit-maker, 41, opened up about his alleged gifts for the first time during an interview with Fearne Cotton while appearing on her Happy Place podcast which he said made him feel “very liberated”.

David explained: ‘I’m super empathic, super sensitive and super psychic, which I feel very liberated to say now.

“I was a bit in the closet about being psychic. But I’m very clairvoyant and I can see things in the future,” the R&B star continued.

“My ears ring off like crazy and I know there’s a guide or some ancestor trying to come through – and tuning in.”

Craig David described himself as ‘super psychic’ (Craig David)
Craig David described himself as ‘super psychic’ (Craig David)

Elsewhere, David - who is currently gearing up for the release of his eighth studio album and debut self-help book - recently reflected on his 22 years in the music industry and spoke out about being bullied when he was a younger artist.

Speaking to Sally Nugent and Jon Kay on BBC Breakfast, he singled out comedy sketch show Bo Selecta, which back in the early noughties saw comedian Leigh Francis don rubber masks and make fun of celebrities, including David.

While Francis - who is also known as comedy character Keith Lemon - has apologised to David and insisted that the character was not based on him, the Southampton born musician chart topper doesn’t buy it.

He told the presenters that “when the show was out,” it was a “period of time of hard processing for him”.

He continued: “I didn’t know why a song like Rewind, which was a cultural song that broke the ice for so many artists to come through, was now being ridiculed [...] what he was doing was slowly bullying not only myself but Mel B, Trisha, and I felt there was no real accountability at that time and I was young, between a rock and a hard place.

He said that it was “about accountability” but insists he “doesn’t hold a grudge”.