Crazy rose ceremony has everyone confused on 'The Bachelor'

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The drama was at an all-time high on The Bachelor as Arie attempted to cut his four girlfriends down to three. Before he could present any roses, Arie needed to step away for a minute to collect himself. As soon as Arie came back into the room, he asked Kendall to go outside with him, leaving the other three ladies wondering what was happening.

Arie doing his best to hide his true feelings about Kendall’s love of taxidermy.

At first, we thought Arie was going to ask Kendall if her infatuation with taxidermy was just a phase or something he’s going to have to live with forever. But it turned out that he just wanted to know if she was really ready to get married. Kendall didn’t have much of an answer to that, but she did tell Arie that she didn’t want to lose him.

Goodbye Bachelor, Hello Bachelorette

Despite the taxidermy thing, Arie apparently didn’t want to lose Kendall either. So when they got back inside, she got a rose along with Becca K. and Lauren B. That meant Tia was the one going home, and the Southern belle took the rejection pretty hard. “What did I do wrong?” she asked Arie while wiping away tears. It was a tough pill for Tia to swallow, but on the bright side, she’ll probably be the next Bachelorette.

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