Creator claims she felt 'scammed' after buying a beauty product from the TikTok Shop: 'This is not the same'

Beauty and fashion influencer Blake Healey (@blakehealey1) issued a warning to fellow users shopping from the TikTok shop, saying they might want to double-check for dupes when ordering.

Healey claimed that she ordered what she thought was the popular name-brand COSRX snail mucin — only to receive a bottle that didn’t look like the one she’d been using for the past year.

“This is not to say that I’m not going to buy from TikTok Shop anymore because I literally just placed an order with like eight things just yesterday, but just a little PSA to, like, be wary of like some scams out there,” Healey told her followers.

TikTok Shop is a shopping feature on the app that allows vendors, brands and creators to sell and buy products from each other. Shoppers can buy through TikTok LIVE, in-feed videos and in a specified product showcase tab.

Healey admitted that she didn’t “do her due diligence” when checking out the product before purchasing it. She explained that she was out of the mucin — a skin care product she uses regularly — and saw a fellow influencer offering a $1 off coupon, so she didn’t give it a second thought.

But when the bottle actually arrived, she said she quickly realized it wasn’t the name-brand COSRX she thought she had ordered. Instead, she claimed she received a bottle from a brand called “Carvenchi.” The box and bottle Healey shared in her TikTok had similar color schemes to the COSRX brand, but the size was smaller, the brand name was different, and Healey claimed that the product’s consistency felt “off” as well.

“This is not the same consistency. It’s way more liquidy than it should be,” she noted in the video. “And it doesn’t have like the right amount of, like, stickiness.”

Commenters on Healey’s video shared that they had similar situations happen to them, and others admitted that they don’t trust TikTok shops just yet.

“Same happened to me, and I got it w the moisturizer, but it says COSROS. they didn’t text back, idk what to do I pay a lot for it, and can’t return it,” wrote @iloveemeeeeeeeeeee.

“The same thing happened to me but when I ordered it says cosrx but when I looked at it again it says carvenchi that was really weird,” added @aliya_ali101.

“idk i’ve never bought anything from tiktok shop and i don’t think i ever will,” admitted @shmanskey.

How to avoid getting duped

Along with always critically evaluating the shop and seller you are purchasing from and checking reviews whenever possible, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends evaluating a product or shop by watching for:

  • Grammatical errors

  • Missing contact information in the shop

  • Fine print that reveals it’s a scam product

  • No clear policies or return processes

  • Unusually low prices

“Remember that too-good-to-be-true deals usually are,” the BBB cautions.

The BBB also suggests checking a seller or shop’s website to ensure it’s legitimate and doing a search for the shop’s name with keywords like “scam” or “complaints.”

Commenters on Healey’s TikTok agreed that not getting swayed by bargains can help protect you from getting scammed.

“Anything beauty care related that is significantly cheaper than retail, I automatically skip. It’s always too good to be true,” wrote @nerdmuch.

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