The Creator had a Star Wars Easter egg that you probably missed

john david washington, the creator
The Creator had a Star Wars Easter eggCourtesy of 20th Century Studios

The Creator, the new sci-fi film from Rogue One's Gareth Edwards, had a Star Wars Easter egg that you might not have noticed.

The film, which stars John David Washington and Gemma Chan, follows a military sergeant tasked with finding the titular character, who is supposedly developing a weapon that could end the war between humans and AI.

Edwards himself has acknowledged the influence that Star Wars had on the film, and his VFX supervisors, Jay Cooper and Andrew Roberts, confirmed that a character from Rogue One made an appearance in the film.

john david washington, the creator
Courtesy of 20th Century Studios

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“We have an Easter egg of K-2SO in the movie as well,” Cooper told The Direct. “But you know, you're going to have to find that one on your own… It’s in there. I can circle it if I’m given the chance.”

Spotting K-2SO might prove difficult given the luscious landscapes of The Creator, which saw Edwards and his VFX team retroactively create the effects after location shooting had been completed.

The filmmaker, who has also helmed Monsters and Godzilla, recently spoke about the film’s themes and concepts regarding AI, specifically one sequence in which memories can be resurrected digitally for viewing.

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“One of the concepts in the movie was trying to create an AI brain. When I was writing it, it felt that we were very far away from doing that,” he explained to The Wrap. “I felt like it would maybe make sense that you could scan a brain and digitally recreate it without understanding how it worked, you could basically copy and paste a person.

“The second you have that technology, there's some interesting things you can do with it. Like, could you scan someone who had just passed away and paste them and get them working again? I liked the idea that you can do that, but you only get 10-20 seconds.”

The Creator is in cinemas now.

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