The Creator lands high Rotten Tomatoes score following first reviews

the creator
The Creator lands high Rotten Tomatoes score20th Century Studios

The Creator has landed a solid Rotten Tomatoes score as the first reviews have arrived.

Directed by Rogue One's Gareth Edwards, the highly anticipated sci-fi epic stars John David Washington as a grieving ex-special forces agent who is tasked with tracking down 'The Creator', an advanced AI which has the power to end the war between robots and the human race.

The first reviews have now made their way to review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes ahead of the film's cinematic release tomorrow (September 29), with its score currently sitting at an impressive 76% from 118 reviews.

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20th Century Studios

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Many critics praised the film for its originality and fresh take on the sci-fi genre, despite some of the flaws in its storyline.

Digital Spy hailed The Creator as the most "stunning sci-fi epic in years", adding: "Gareth Edwards channels today's big fears about AI technology while delivering an extremely ambitious sci-fi movie that dares to redefine Hollywood's modern blockbuster on a glorious scale."

Here's what some of the other critics have been saying:


"Edwards' direction is assured throughout, maintaining a cracking pace and orchestrating several thrilling action sequences before building to a climax that is both exciting and deeply moving. In short, The Creator is one of the sci-fi highlights of the year, a powerful and original epic that deserves to be seen on the biggest screen you can find."

the creator
20th Century Studios

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"The Creator makes you realise that there really is little excuse for blockbuster dross. And while this doesn't quite hit the heights of those that inspired it (it is at times blunter and broader than it needs to be), it's a big reach, with heart and soul to spare. It's uplifting on every level."

The Guardian

"It's an intriguing, stimulating, exhilarating movie, which really does address – with head and heart – the great issue of our age, AI. I have to say that the splurge of action spectacle towards the very end means that some of the narrative tendons slacken a bit and the film loses focus on specific jeopardy. But there's a tremendous boldness here and a readiness to conjure up an entire created universe."

The Wrap

"The Creator instantly feels like a classic old-school sci-fi escapade delivering a thrillingly gorgeous ride, one that is immersive and handsome enough to hide the film's escalating thematic dubiousness about artificial intelligence elsewhere."


"The film presents a bold vision of what movies can and should be and, ultimately, it's a more exhilarating experience to watch a movie of this scale take risks and fall short than it is to see a blockbuster play it safe and deliver mediocre results."

The Creator arrives in cinemas on September 29.

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