Creed 3 sets new records with knockout box office debut

Creed III landed a knockout punch with its impressive box office debut this weekend, setting a bunch of new records for the series, sports movies, and star Michael B. Jordan.

The movie earned $100.4 million globally, $41.8 million of which was from international markets. That means that, in the US, the movie has amassed the best opening for the Creed series and the best opening ever for any sports movie.

It's also the biggest opening international for the franchise and is 109% ahead of Creed and 25% above Creed II. That means that the movie is now the most successful Creed movie of the franchise so far in terms of box office debut.

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Creed III once again follows Jordan as the titular boxer, who comes up against former childhood friend Damien Anderson, played by Jonathan Majors.

These financial figures will be a welcome bit of news for Majors, who starred in another threequel recently that hasn't done that well critically or at the box office — Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Ant-Man 3 scored the best office debut for the series but then set several unwanted MCU records. It dropped 69% in its second week of release — the worst stat of its kind for any MCU movie.

Creed III has also fared better with reviews, too. Jordan was praised for his work as director on the movie, while the chemistry between Jordan and Majors was also highlighted.

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Majors recently opened up about how he and Jordan built up intimacy with one another for the movie.

"With the story that we're telling the fact that these men are so intimately connected from boyhood, there's no line [between them]. So we got a lot from that," Jordan said.

"But we also did a lot of work to try to, you know, dig it out, and make it dramatic. Life with no boring parts, right?

"If you saw a fight and you realise, 'Okay, these are strangers.' Well, that's war, right. You have an opinion about that. And then they tell you at the bottom, these two are best friends. You kind of want to stop it. Because it's unnatural, right? It's unnatural for that to happen. That’s anathema to friendship."

Creed III is in cinemas now.

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