Creed III star Jonathan Majors on building intimacy with Michael B Jordan

Creed III star Jonathan Majors has opened up on building intimacy between himself and co-star Michael B Jordan.

Majors portrays Damian 'Dame' Anderson in the third instalment of the franchise, a figure from Jordan's character Adonis Creed's past.

With Damian believing he should have led the life Adonis does, the pair face off in a fight that transcends the boxing ring.

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Speaking to Digital Spy about how he fleshed out the intimacy between Damian and Adonis alongside Jordan, Majors said that the long-standing connection between the characters gave the pair a lot to work with.

"With the story that we're telling the fact that these men are so intimately connected from boyhood, there's no line [between them]. So we got a lot from that," he said.

"But we also did a lot of work to try to, you know, dig it out, and make it dramatic. Life with no boring parts, right?

"If you saw a fight and you realise, 'Okay, these are strangers'. Well, that's war, right. You have an opinion about that. And then they tell you at the bottom, these two are best friends. You kind of want to stop it. Because it's unnatural, right? It's unnatural for that to happen. That’s anathema to friendship."

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When asked if he looks for something particular in the roles that he takes, Majors replied: "In the journey of of knowing yourself, you realise that there are a lot of things that make you very, very, very unique, and that's a good thing. You know, that's a good thing.

"So I think with all the characters, I find that [thing]."

Meanwhile, co-star Tessa Thompson, who plays Bianca Taylor, revealed that she and Jordan decided to attend couples therapy in preparation for the sequel.

"[We] did an interesting experiment which is that Mike and I went to therapy together as Bianca and Adonis, because we just wanted to see what that felt like as a couple that is many years into a relationship," she explained.

The first reviews for the film, set to be released on March 3, have praised Jordan in his directorial debut.

Creed III is released in cinemas on Friday, March 3.

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