Creed III's Tessa Thompson says Michael B Jordan wouldn't let her dress as a goth

tessa thompson, michael b jordan, creed iii
Creed 3's Tessa Thompson on Michael B JordanEli Ade/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc

Creed III star Tessa Thompson had hoped she could embrace her "secret goth" for the boxing prequel, but co-star and director Michael B. Jordan shut down that idea.

Thompson returns as Bianca Taylor, the on-screen partner of Jordan's Adonis Creed, in the successful third Creed movie. In an interview on The Tonight Show, Thompson said that the only time she and Jordan disagreed on set was about her character's wardrobe.

"He has a say, of course, as the director, of anything that happens in the film, and he's very specific about clothing, which I didn't know," Thompson said.

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"We never disagreed about anything except for sometimes what shoes I would wear. He just has ideas about ladies' fashion."

"There was a party scene where I really wanted to wear something. I wanted to wear all black because I'm secretly goth. I never got to be in high school, so now I am. And he was like, 'No, no, no. You're not gonna wear that,'" Thompson explained.

The actress clarified that she does now agree with Jordan's stylistic decision for the movie and said that she can "admit when [she's] wrong."

michael b jordan, tessa thompson, creed iii
Eli Ade/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc

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Creed III follows Jordan's Adonis at the peak of his game but the boxer has to face his old childhood friend, played by Jonathan Majors.

Thompson recently revealed that she and Jordan attended couples therapy as their characters in order to strengthen and develop their on-screen relationship.

"We even did an interesting experiment which is that Mike and I went to therapy together as Bianca and Adonis, because we just wanted to see what that felt like as a couple that is many years into a relationship," Thompson said.

She continued: "We really wanted to talk about those things, but I think we have to be intentional because it has to feel like a texture, even if we don't have like a tonne of space to talk about it in the context of the film, so a lot of that work we did in rehearsal."

Creed III is in cinemas now.

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