The Crimson Pear That Will Beautify Any Boring Salad

Starkrimson pears on black background
Starkrimson pears on black background - zaranda/Shutterstock

Pears are a fantastic way to add texture and sweetness to just about any regular, plain salad. Their soft flesh and mild, sweet flavor make them ideal for several salad combinations as well as a variety of dressings -- both oil and vinegar-based as well as creamy. But sometimes their color just doesn't quite cut it. Green pears blend in with the lettuce and brown ones aren't the most lively color for salads. But what about a deep red pear that brings just as much color as it does flavor to your favorite salad?

That's what you'll get with Starkrimson pears -- and their name truly says it all. Not only will they be the star on that plate of lettuce, but their crimson (spelled with a "k" in the varietal name) color will lend an air of excitement and anticipation. And all of that goes without even mentioning their out-of-this-world flavor.

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The Amazing Taste Of Starkrimson Pears

Whole and half Starkrimson pear
Whole and half Starkrimson pear - Navnit/Shutterstock

Just as you would expect from a good pear, ripe Starkrimsons are nice and juicy -- which makes them perfect for a salad. All of that pear juice will act like an extra layer of dressing, spreading flavor throughout. Starkrimson pears also have a delicious botanical bouquet that will perk up your tastebuds and get your mouth watering. This adds an extra layer to their flavor profile that makes the pears ideal for pairing with lettuce, strongly flavored cheeses like goat or blue cheese, nuts, and even bacon (or combine all these flavors in a salad!).

They're also sweeter than many other varieties of pears -- putting them right up there with red d'anjou and rather close to comice pears as well. And their intense red color makes them even more appealing than the red d'anjou pear. It's also easy to tell when Starkrimson pears are ripe. While they start a dark red, when they are ready to eat they will be so bright that their color could easily be mistaken for a red apple when sliced. Of course, their texture is much smoother than that of an apple, so the difference will be obvious.

Types Of Salads To Make With Starkrimson Pears

Salad with pear, walnuts, pomegranate, cheese
Salad with pear, walnuts, pomegranate, cheese - Irigri8/Getty Images

In addition to leafy beds of lettuce sprinkled with cheese and nuts, Starkrimson pears also pair well with citrus salads. Combine the pears with chunks of oranges, greens, and cooked beets for a colorful salad that is rich in textures and a diverse flavor dynamic. Or try a heartier pear and kale salad, perhaps even combined with other autumn fruits, such as figs, grapes, pomegranate seeds, and dried cranberries.

Starkrimson pears aren't just for green salads either -- they're also a great addition to fruit salads. As with other types of pears, they're perfect for balancing out a combination of other, stronger-flavored fruits. Combine with kiwi and blueberries for a simple yet unexpected salad. Or toss them with the usual melons, berries, apples, and bananas. It's hard to imagine going wrong with Starkrimson pears. They're just as likely to liven up any plain salad as they are to inspire new versions of old favorites, or something entirely unexpected altogether.

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