Critically-acclaimed horror movie told from killer's POV confirms UK release date

ry barrett, in a violent nature
Critically-acclaimed horror lands UK release datePierce Derks/IFC Films/Shudder

In a Violent Nature has confirmed its UK release date following its critically-acclaimed premiere earlier this year.

It has just been announced that the film will be released in UK and Irish cinemas on July 12.

The Canadian horror follows a character named Johnny, a masked murderer who has been brought back from the dead and will stop at nothing to retrieve a locket. The plot is a reason for him to murder a load of teenager campers in the woods, just like the classics of the 1980s.

ry barrett, in a violent nature
Pierce Derks/IFC Films/Shudder

In a Violent Nature currently stands at a strong 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning the nearly all the reviews of it so far have been positive. A common theme amongst the reviews is that the gimmick of the killers' point of view and the inventively gory kills are the reasons to tune in.

Here's what a handful of the reviews have said:


"The movie is full of gruesome kills, but [director Chris] Nash mixes the specifics up enough (from beheading to drowning to axe-throwing) that you never quite know what’s coming next, so the action never gets stale."

"In a Violent Nature, a film that plays like an arthouse version of Friday the 13th, from Jason’s perspective. It is a gore-fest that is splendidly committed to the bit."

ry barrett, in a violent nature
Pierce Derks/IFC Films/Shudder

Bloody Disgusting

"Reframing the events almost entirely from the perspective of the undead killer [is] not the only massive shift that sets Nash’s slasher apart from conventional fare. In a Violent Nature may offer slasher thrills and a delightfully gory rampage across the wilderness, but Nash's approach captures the carnage through ambient realism. It results in a fascinating arthouse horror experiment."


"Writer-director Chris Nash's first feature approaches the usual bloody business with a sort of minimalist purity, enabled by focusing almost wholly on the POV of one Unstoppable Killing Machine.

"It's a gambit that might easily turn monotonous. Yet this Canadian indie manages to keep us engaged, stirring queasy viewer dread if not much outright terror."

In a Violent Nature will be released in UK cinemas on July 12.

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