The Crow reboot confirms change as first look photos arrive

bill skarsgaard and fka twigs in the crow
The Crow reboot shares first photos & big changeLionsgate

The Crow reboot has confirmed a major change from the original film as the first-look photos have arrived.

Based on the 1994 film of the same name, the gothic revenge thriller will see Bill Skarsgård take on the role of Eric Draven. He returns from the dead to take revenge on those who brutally killed him and his fiancée Shelly (FKA Twigs) the night before their wedding.

While the couple's deaths take place at the beginning of the original film, the remake will explore their relationship before tragedy strikes.

bill skarsgaard and fka twigs in the crow

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Vanity Fair has revealed that director Rupert Sanders wanted to make this change so the film has a "more even balance between light and dark", while making Eric's quest for revenge resonate more with audiences.

The new photos tease the romance between Eric and Shelly with Skarsgård's heavily-tattooed character displaying elements of the original character's goth aesthetic.

bill skarsgaard in the crow

"That look was me in the '90s when we were squat-raving in London, [mixed with some modern influences] like Post Malone and Lil Peep. I hope people who are 19 today look at him and go, 'That guy is us,'" Sanders explained.

The Crow, which arrives in cinemas on June 7, also stars Yellowstone and Succession's Danny Huston, Foundation's Laura Birn, 1899's Isabella Wei, The Woman King's Jordan Bolger and Sami Bouajila.

bill skarsgaard and fka twigs in the crow

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Elsewhere, Skarsgård is set to star in the upcoming sequel to Nicolas Cage's 2005 movie Lord of War.

Cage reprises his role as arms dealer Yuri Orlov, who discovers he has a son (Skarsgård) who is trying to take over the arms dealing marketplace.

The Crow will arrive in cinemas on June 7.

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