Cruise ship workers reveal their biggest secrets Editors

It's not smooth sailing for everyone aboard a cruise ship.

While vacationers are relaxing on the pool deck, hitting the blackjack tables or sipping on their Piña coladas, crew members are scrambling to get their jobs done. Months at sea may seem ideal, but life aboard a ship is actually much rougher than you thought.

Last year, one cruise-goer took to Reddit to inquire about life in the lower cabins. Thousands responded to Destiny8288's inquiry, revealing some surprising secrets about the social life, meals and daily jobs of these hardworking crew members. It turns out there's a lot that goes down behind the scenes -- and the below the decks.

From secret relationships to pay discrepancies and cringe-worthy tidbits of their cabins, scroll through above to see what we learned about what it's like to live on a cruise ship. 

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