Curvy model Tabria Majors calls out photo editing app for using her image without her consent

(Photo: Instagram/Tabria Majors)

A plus size model was made to look smaller, and she’s not happy about it.

Tabria Majors’s likeness was used in an app’s demonstration of how a person’s body can be edited in a photo. The company, Body Camera – Fitness & Slim Photo Editor Pro, didn’t ask for her permission (not that she would have given it).

The side-by-side image used by the app — which claims to be the “Best Body Shape App of 2017 on Google Play in 75 countries”— features one picture in which the model is her regular size, and another in which her whole body is narrower. BodyCamera apparently posted this on its Instagram, but it has since been removed. “An amazing camera for women ! Free install now !” BodyCamera’s caption read. They’ve since removed the post, but not before Majors could share it.

There are only a few photos on the app’s Instagram, all of which show larger chests, longer legs, or a slimmer waist. These include examples of what Ashley Graham and Miley Cyrus would look like if they were slimmer or taller.

“First of all @bodycamera2017 if you’re going to use my image to sell your product, run me my coin!” Majors began her Instagram caption ripping apart the program. “Second of all, this is flat out disrespectful. I can understand minor touch ups, but apps like these where you can Photoshop your body into oblivion are a huge contributing factor to people having self esteem issues.” She then said to her followers, “Please remember that you are beautiful just the way you are and you don’t need an app to tell you that!”

Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to the app for comment but have not received a response.

As for Majors, she tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she “was disgusted” upon seeing her body being shrunken down to half its size. “Aside from the company not having my consent, this app goes against everything I stand for,” she says. Majors is a major proponent of size inclusivity; she recently mocked Victoria’s Secret for still not including plus size models in their fashion shows.

She adds, “The fact that they captioned this app as being ‘especially good for women’ is disgusting and portrays a negative perception of how we (women) view ourselves.” And Majors is right. When a group of women used Facetune to edit their bodies in photos in a recent experiment, they felt ridiculous. “I think I already look pretty, so I don’t know what this app thinks it could do,” one woman said.

Majors agrees. “I’m proud of who I am without any digital enhancements, and I encourage all people to be comfortable with themselves as they are.”

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