Cute LEGO Star Wars vid made for Father's Day

Ben Skipper
Cute LEGO Star Wars vid made for Father's Day
Luke and Vader enjoy a rollercoaster ride

To celebrate Father's Day LEGO have released a nice little video starring blocky versions of Luke Skywalker and his dad Darth Vader.

The video was assembled (GET IT??) to celebrate this Sunday's patriarch party day.

You can watch the video here.

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Starring young Jedi Luke and Sith lord Vader, we see the pair put aside their galaxy-spanning issues to celebrate Father's Day in LEGO-approved style.

They play catch, fish, eat candy floss and there's not a lightsaber in sight. They do use their force powers to help them fish though.

The Danish toy-giant has been making a mint on 'Star Wars' branded toy sets since the two super-brands combined in the late nineties.

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