Dacre Montgomery says 'Power Rangers' will return to cinemas, but not with 2017 cast (exclusive)

Tom Beasley
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Dacre Montgomery firmly believes there will be a new Power Rangers movie in the near future, but says there’s “nothing in the pipeline” for him and the rest of the 2017 cast.

The 25-year-old star played the Red Ranger in director Dean Israelite’s movie, which also starred future Aladdin star Naomi Scott.

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In an interview with Yahoo Movies UK to promote romcom The Broken Hearts Gallery, Montgomery provided some details on the future of the big screen franchise.

He said: “I think there was some news that another company had bought it off Saban. I don't know who it was.

“I think they're assembling another cast and they're going to do like a $60m (£47m) version with a different take again. I don't think it's an origin story.”

'Power Rangers'. (Credit: Lionsgate)
'Power Rangers'. (Credit: Lionsgate)

In May 2018, Hasbro bought the rights to the Power Rangers and other characters from Saban in a $522m (£408m) deal.

Montgomery was clear that, whatever the future of any new movie franchise, he and the rest of his buddies are unlikely to get into the suits again.

“In terms of us, I'm not going to give you false hope,” he said. “There's nothing — nothing in the pipeline.”

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Power Rangers divided critics to the tune of a disappointing 49% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The site’s consensus says the film “has neither the campy fun of its TV predecessor nor the blockbuster action of its cinematic superhero competitors, and sadly never quite manages to shift into turbo for some good old-fashioned morphin’ time”.

Dacre Montgomery in 'The Broken Hearts Gallery'. (Credit: George Kraychyk/TriStar Pictures)
Dacre Montgomery in 'The Broken Hearts Gallery'. (Credit: George Kraychyk/TriStar Pictures)

The film also struggled to ignite at the box office, earning just $142m (£111m) worldwide from a relatively large $100m (£78m) budget — reportedly losing the studio around $74m (£58m).

Director Israelite blamed the PG-13 rating for the movie’s financial issues, suggesting that a more child-friendly PG would have helped sell the franchise.

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In The Broken Hearts Gallery, Montgomery appears alongside Blockers star Geraldine Viswanathan in a quintessential New York City romcom.

The movie is in UK cinemas from 11 September.