New dad innocently steals newborn baby from hospital bassinet: ‘You can’t trust these nurses’

This new dad might be a little too protective of his baby girl — and she’s barely a few days old.

TikTok mom @oh_yeahitsrobbie2 woke up to some unexpected antics from her husband. She had recently given birth, and the couple was still at the hospital. After a nap, the mom couldn’t believe what the father had done with their newborn baby girl. He certainly had the best of intentions, but we’re not sure if medical experts would recommend this.

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“Somebody tell him he can not do this,” the caption said.

The father was sound asleep on a couch in the hospital room. He was bundled up in the covers, and who was next to him? None other than his newborn daughter. He removed the entire basket from the hospital crib and nestled it beside him. Dad clearly didn’t want to spend a single second away from the little one.

The adorable video racked up 24.9 million views and 4.7 million likes on TikTok.

“Ever since I had my daughter it’s been over for me and my man,” a user said.

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“Actually brought tears to my eyes! my first baby was a girl. I insisted that I get her dressed first, and they let me. Now she’s 16,” another commented.

“He wanted to protect the baby!” a TikToker replied.

“I don’t think anybody’s gonna be able to tell him he can’t take his daughter wherever he wants. Lol so sweet,” a person wrote.

“Dad life!!!! I did the same homie!!!! You can’t trust these nurses lmao,” someone joked.

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