This dad-to-be not getting the ‘bun in the oven’ reference is everything

Dad being told his wife's pregnant

We love a good pregnancy reveal video. And one of the only ways to make these heartwarming videos even more fun is an adorably clueless dad who doesn’t pick up on the hints until his expecting wife spells it out for him that he has a baby on the way — like this one, who did not understand what “bun in the oven” meant, despite his wife’s many hilarious attempts to get him in on the joke.

To reveal her pregnancy to her husband, TikToker Liz put a single bun in the oven for her husband to discover — only things went a little sideways when she forgot about it and it burnt to a blackened crisp. Oh well, she probably thought, it’s still a bun. In the oven. He’ll get it, right? Wrong.

“Elizabeth,” her husband says in an exasperated tone as he opens the oven door, a pair of tongs in hand. “I love you so much, but why would you put a single roll in the oven?”

As he asks, he uses the tongs to pull out the bun and drop it on the stove top. It’s completely burnt to a crisp. Liz, who’s behind the camera, giggles and tries to hint to him, “It’s not a roll. It’s a bun.”

She hilariously zooms in on his empty, empty eyes because somehow he still. Doesn’t. Get it.

“Okay,” he says.

Liz prompts him again, still laughing: “What did you pull out of the oven.”

He responds, “A burnt roll!”

Oh, honey.

Liz, clearly realizing she’s going to need to spell this out for her dear husband, explains again.

“No, it’s not a roll,” she says. “It’s a bun. It’s a bun… in the oven. We have a bun… in the oven.”

To this, her clueless husband answers, “I just pulled it out.”

OH, HONEY. (Also, no you didn’t, if you get my drift)

Liz finally ends the poor man’s misery and just tells him, “We’re having a baby.” His face breaks into a giant smile and he runs to hug her and all is right in the world for this excited dad, who is making the entire internet smile today.