'Dad of the Year' Takes Daughter To Frozen Sing-Along In Full Elsa Costume

Here’s something to warm even the most frozen of hearts.

Photos emerged over the weekend of this awesome bearded dad in full Elsa costume taking his daughter - dressed as Olaf - to a singalong screening of Disney’s ‘Frozen’.

It’s almost as if the lyrics of ‘Let It Go’ were written for this man alone: “It’s time to see what I can do. To test the limits and break through. No right, no wrong, no rules for me, I’m free!”

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The first photo (above) - which appeared on Reddit with the caption: “It seemed like a fun idea” - seemed to show a man on a crowded tube regretting his decision to dress as the Disney princess, but a second photo soon appeared with a more life-affirming "Dad of the Year" caption, showing the pair happily posing for a photo outside Cheshunt train station, presumably on their way to the cinema.

Both pictures went viral after they were shared on Reddit with one commenter stepping in to offer some context to the brilliant photos.

Reddit user Wabbeyen said: “Bit of background info as they are from my town, that is his daughter and they are going to a Frozen Sing Along in London. The dad is a really good tattoo artist and owns a tattoo parlour here.”

A third full-length photo also emerged on Twitter showing the pair - possibly on their way home - with beaming grins on a train platform.

Whoever this man is, we salute him, his daughter and his awesome beard.

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Image credit: Twitter/Imgur/Reddit