Dad shares a heart-stopping video of his 3-year-old daughter speeding down a hill on her bike

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This TikTok parent shared a heart-stopping video of his 3-year-old daughter forgetting how to brake while biking downhill!

Erich Leidums (@thatmountainlife) is a TikTok dad who believes in exposing his kids to an outdoor, adventurous lifestyle from a young age. While safety is important to Erich, he also believes you shouldn’t “bubble wrap your kids,” and should let them make mistakes on their own.

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Erich’s child rearing philosophy was tested recently when he allowed his 3-year-old daughter to ride her bike down a big hill for the first time. In the heart-stopping video, Erich can be heard instructing his daughter to brake—while his daughter is either unable or unwilling to comply. While Erich’s daughter makes it safely down the hill, the video shows just how stressful it can be watching your kids try things for the first time!

The video begins with a caption that reads, “When you just practiced braking with your 3-year-old above the ‘big hill.’”

In the video, Erich and his 3-year-old daughter are biking downhill together. Erich films the 3-year-old, who is wearing a pink sweatshirt and a bright green helmet, as she tries to bike down the “big hill” for the first time.

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As the 3-year-old picks up speed, Erich calls out to remind her how to brake. “Backwards!” he yells, referring to the pedaling motion the toddler needs to make.

The 3-year-old tries to pedal backwards, but continues to speed down the hill. “A little bit harder, brake!” Erich calls out, as the toddler wobbles slightly on her bike.

When the toddler still doesn’t brake, Erich changes his strategy, and focuses on keeping her calm. “Okay!” he yells. “That’s okay! You’re okay!”

As the toddler reaches the bottom of the hill, it becomes clear that she was unfazed by her inability to brake. When the hill starts arcing upwards again, the toddler even starts pedaling harder, trying to pick up more speed!

The video ends as Erich, slightly out of breath, catches up to his daughter and says, “That was fast!”

Viewers were impressed by the brave toddler and the way she handled the hill.

“Her little speed wobble. Oh my god, she’s a brave kid!” one viewer wrote.

“She didn’t brake, she pedaled faster!” another TikToker observed.

“‘Are you okay?’ isn’t really for the little girl… It’s for the father,” another viewer pointed out.

Erich’s video just goes to show, sometimes learning to ride a bike can be as stressful for the parent teaching as it is for the child learning!

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