'Daddy's Home 2' Trailer: Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Reunite With Their Own Fathers, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg mined paternal rivalry for serious laughs in 2015’s Daddy’s Home, which proved to be one of that year’s biggest end-of-year hits ($150 million at the domestic box office). Given that success, it’s no surprise that the duo (who also partnered for 2010’s The Other Guys) will re-team for a sequel this fall. And now, the aptly titled Daddy’s Home 2 has a first trailer, which indicates that Ferrell and Wahlberg’s parental figures will be contending with not only each other this time around, but also with their respective fathers — played by John Lithgow and Mel Gibson.

The film’s debut promo (above) makes clear that dorky Brad (Ferrell) and badass Dusty (Wahlberg) are still figuring out how to handle their co-parenting duties for Dusty’s biological children. To complicate matters further, however, their joint Christmas celebration winds up becoming even more overstuffed courtesy of the arrival of their own dads — Dusty’s rough-around-the-edges old man (Gibson) and Brad’s touchy-feely pop (Lithgow), the latter of whom greets his boy at the airport with the sort of full-mouth smooch one might expect from the man who raised dorky Brad.

While the still-controversial Gibson’s presence may rub some viewers the wrong way, Daddy’s Home 2 — which, we hope, features far more of John Cena than its predecessor — will nonetheless seek to bring some contentious humor to the holiday season when it debuts on November 10. You can watch its amusing premiere teaser above.

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