Your daily smoothie could be making you gain weight. Here's how to make one for fat loss, according to a nutritionist.

Your daily smoothie could be making you gain weight. Here's how to make one for fat loss, according to a nutritionist.
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Smoothies can be really nourishing drinks, just keep an eye on the calories if you want to lose weight.Tijana Simic
  • Smoothies can be a nutritious snack or drink.

  • However, it can be easy to drink a lot more calories than you'd eat.

  • A smoothie that helps with fat loss is balanced and fits into your calorie deficit.

Smoothies are a staple in the diets of many health-conscious people. From athletes to actors, many stars and experts have shared their smoothie recipes over the years.

But, one registered nutritionist told Business Insider she advises her weight loss clients against drinking smoothies.

There's nothing inherently fattening about smoothies, just like any other food. But Angela Clucas, who is based in the UK, said blending and drinking food can make it harder to stick to the calorie deficit required for fat loss.

"It's really easy to blend and drink far more than you would eat," Clucas said.

She believes smoothies are great for athletes or people looking to gain muscle, but the average person can be fooled by their "health halo" and not realize how calorie-dense they can be.

But if the only way you like to consume vegetables is in a smoothie, that's better than not eating any at all, Clucas said.

"If you want to blend loads of vegetables and drink that because you don't really like vegetables, great," Clucas said. "Don't juice them because you'll lose the fiber." Fiber is important for maintaining good digestive and gut health, among other things.

How to make a smoothie that can help fat loss

Clucas encourages people aiming to lose weight to lay all their smoothie ingredients out on a plate before blending and ask themselves if they'd eat it all in one sitting.

"If it's half a large tub of yogurt, a banana, an apple, half a pineapple, and a big spoonful of peanut butter and you think, 'Oh God no, I'd be stuffed by eating that,' then don't drink it," Clucas said.

Dietitian Nichola Ludlam-Raine agreed with Clucas that smoothies can be a good way to get nutrients in. She previously told BI how to make smoothies balanced. Smoothies made solely with fruit are unlikely to be filling and so might have you reaching for another snack shortly afterward, she said.

But ingredients such as Greek yogurt, nut butter, oats, and/or protein powder not only add flavor but provide healthy fats, fiber, and protein, which are satisfying, Ludlam-Raine said.

Smoothies can help keep you full by supplying slow-release energy, which can prevent over-eating, and also provide protein for post-workout recovery. They're also a good option when you're short on time but want a nutritious meal or snack, Ludlam-Raine said.

Just make sure you factor them into your calorie deficit if you're aiming to lose fat.

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