Dairy Queen Confirms They Are Discontinuing the Cherry Dipped Cone

“I am so sad," one Dairy Queen fan wrote on TikTok



Dairy Queen’s fan-favorite cherry dipped cone is no more.

In a statement shared with PEOPLE, the ice cream brand confirmed that it will no longer be offered at local joints.

“At this time, the Cherry Dipped Cone at Dairy Queen is being discontinued,” the statement read.

However, there’s still hope for enthusiasts of the fruity flavor.

“That said, DQ is always rotating our dipped cone flavors and Cherry Dipped Cones may return in the future. Fans should check with their local DQ restaurant to learn which flavors are available,” the statement continued.

One TikTok creator, Miranda, who works at a local DQ shop in Michigan, shared the “bad news” in a TikTok video. And fans expressed their outrage in the comments section.

“Guess I will find a new ice cream place. Our options are chocolate, butterscotch and churro?” one user wrote. Another simply said, “I am so sad.”

The post, which garnered almost 300,000 likes, brought to light how beloved the cone dip flavor is among customers. “It's honestly the only thing I get, so no more dairy queen for me…” another commenter wrote.

Earlier this month, PEOPLE spoke with Morgann Book, a TikTok star who works at DQ. The 19-year-old rose to viral TikTok fame in Jan. 2020 by posting behind-the-scenes videos serving up Dairy Queen favorites.

She told PEOPLE that she "still finds it hard to believe" that the work she was doing since she was a kid has reached millions of viewers.

Book's parents bought their first Dairy Queen location when she was eight — and it wasn't too long after that that she found herself doing little tasks around the store.

"Once I was eight, my brother and I would help out by putting the spoons in the Blizzards," she said.

Book started working there in a more official capacity when she was 10. "We were always there 24/7. It was good. It was like a child's dream — I loved it — doesn't matter if I was sweeping or cleaning," she said. "Birthday cakes were always Dairy Queen cakes. We lived, breathed, and ate ice cream for years."

Since blowing up on TikTok, Book has been sharing insights on how Dairy Queen desserts get made, from Blizzards to cones and ice cream cakes. She shared some of her DQ insider information with PEOPLE, like being able to customize Blizzards.

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"I feel like a lot of people didn't know that you can add stuff to your Blizzard. We have the normal menu of stuff, and then you can add Smarties to an Oreo Blizzard, because that's my favorite," she said of Smarties, which are chocolate-coated candies in Canada, where Book is from. "That drove a lot of people to my page because they were like, 'I had no idea you could customize what goes in the ice cream.'"

Book also clarified the rules about a known hack. Many customers believe a Blizzard is free if the employee doesn't first flip it upside down for the customer.

"That promotion is only at participating Dairy Queens. There's a little bit of fine print there, so our store doesn't do that," she said, adding that they still do the flip. "My parents are very much like, 'You are flipping this Blizzard. It has to be done' — even though we don't do that promotion. It's just fun. It kind of creates an experience for the customers."

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