Dairy Queen Has a New Meal on the Menu

Things are getting saucy.

<p>Adobe Stock/Allrecipes</p>

Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

It’s a great time to be a Dairy Queen fan. St. Patrick’s Day brought a few festive limited-time treats, the cherry dipped cone is officially coming back, and the chain has a new Nutter Butter shake coming April 1. And amidst all these sweet treats is some pretty sweet—or rather, savory—news: There’s a brand-new meal coming to the DQ menu.

Dairy Queen Introduces New Chicken Strip Basket

<p>Dairy Queen/Allrecipes</p>

Dairy Queen/Allrecipes

In addition to its classic Chicken Strip Basket, the Dairy Queen is introducing a brand new flavor, the Parmesan Garlic Sauced & Tossed Chicken Strip Basket. As the name suggests, the crispy chicken strips are tossed in a buttery parmesan and garlic sauce. The strips come with French fries, Texas toast, and a dipping sauce of your choice.

If you like a saucy strip but Parmesan-Garlic doesn’t float your boat, there’s more good news: The Honey BBQ Sauced & Tossed Chicken Strip Basket is coming back to the menu after a hiatus. According to one fan comment on a social media post featuring the sauced-up chicken strip basket, it’s a pretty crave-worthy item; “I would sell on my non-vital organs for a nibble of this.”

Both varieties of the chicken strip basket can be ordered in a four- or six-piece basket. You can find them both at Dairy Queen locations nationwide now, but only for a limited time, so don’t wait.

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