Dairy Queen's Blizzards Are 85 Cents for 2 Weeks to Celebrate the New Fall Menu

The fall Blizzard flavors include pumpkin pie, snickerdoodle cookie dough and a new royal Reese’s fluffernutter

If you're looking to usher in fall while still beating the summer heat, Dairy Queen has the perfect solution.

To honor their fall menu, which is available Monday, Aug. 28, the ice cream chain is offering new and returning Blizzards for less than a dollar.

Customers can score Blizzards for 85 cents from Sept. 11 through Sept. 24. The only catch: Fans must use the DQ app to grab the deal.

The flavors of the desserts are just as good as the low price. This year’s autumnal lineup includes seven treats, six of which are returning flavors along with one new dessert.

Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen

The two most fall-forward flavors are the pumpkin pie Blizzard and snickerdoodle cookie dough Blizzard. The pumpkin pie Blizzard is made of real pumpkin pie pieces blended with vanilla soft serve and finished off with whipped cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg. The snickerdoodle cookie dough Blizzard is another fan favorite choice and blends snickerdoodle cookie dough pieces and cinnamon sugar.

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Other returning blended treats include a caramel fudge cheesecake Blizzard — which features cheesecake pieces and chocolate-covered caramel pieces — and the choco dipped strawberry Blizzard — which has strawberry and chocolate chunks. Both the Oreo hot cocoa Blizzard, with Oreo pieces and fudge, and the Reese’s peanut butter cup pie Blizzard, with peanut butter cups and graham crackers, are topped with whipped cream.

Last but not least is the newest addition to the DQ menu: the royal Reese’s fluffernutter Blizzard. This new dessert combines Reese’s peanut butter cups and peanut butter swirls with vanilla soft serve. The treat then gets a marshmallow core, making each spoonful taste like a nostalgic fluffernutter sandwich.

So how did DQ land on 85 cents for their Blizzard deal? The sweet treat was invented in 1985.

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