Daisy Jones and The Six's Sam Claflin opens up on struggle of 'art/family' balance

Daisy Jones And The Six's Sam Claflin has revealed he relates to his character Billy Dunne as he's also struggled with balancing his family and work life in the past.

The actor, who is a father-of-two, split from actress wife Laura Haddock in 2019 after six years of marriage, with the pair continuing to have a cordial relationship as they raise their children together.

Daisy Jones and The Six launches Friday 3 March, with new episodes every week through to 24 March on Prime Video.

Video transcript

TILLY PEARCE: We have to talk about Riley a little bit and how you guys formed your own dynamics, because, obviously, it's a very complicated web of a love triangle. How did you work with Riley in creating that and sort of-- the dynamics between creating the three of you.

SAM CLAFLIN: Riley is very different to Cami in real life. And I think naturally the dynamic is slightly different. And I think what was wonderful was kind of having the opportunity to explore two very different kinds of love-- one's a very artistic kind of love and the other one is very wholesome and is home. And so as a dad, I've definitely had that struggle of like the art versus family and kind of trying to do what I love whilst being with the people that I love. And I think it's a very, very difficult thing.

With Riley, with Daisy kind of mixed into that, of course, it's a really complex situation and one where I think a lot of people look down on Billy for the decisions he makes at points in the story. Like for me, I felt like I really understood him and felt very akin to his decision making. I felt most of his behaviors were justified in a way. Which is, I think, the right thing to do playing him. And I don't know if everyone would agree with it, but it's just I felt like I heard him, I saw him and his love for not only his wife but like for this other person who sort of sees the real him.

It's real turmoil. And Riley is, obviously, just-- she's a breath of fresh air. She's just so wonderfully kind of charismatic and flighty in a way, her performance of Daisy. You can't help but kind of be mesmerized. But then there was the scenes that me and Cami have to do is so much more at times sort of grounded, and dramatic, and real, and adult in a way. So it was really-- for me, it was a dream having the opportunity to portray both.