Daisy Ridley Responds To Star Wars Fan Invite With Hilarious Letter

Daisy Ridley has penned a hilarious response to one ‘Star Wars’ fan who used a rap video to invite the actress to his college’s formal dance.

Kevin Carlock posted the video in February, going viral and prompting the British star of 'The Force Awakens’ to respond.

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“Thank you so much for that brilliant invite to your formal,” Ridley wrote in an Instagram post. “Unfortunately I’m locked in an intense staring competition with Luke Skywalker, somewhere in the middle of the galaxy, so won’t be able to make it! Let me know how it goes!”

Taking the rejection well, Carlock responded in kin, writing: “Thanks so much for your response! Father-daughter staring contests are epic, so I understand why you can’t make it. Good luck with ‘Episode 8’, and may the formal be with you!”

The Davidson College student’s video went viral in February, even making some local news channels in the US.

Ridley was never likely to accept the invite however. Not because Carlock wouldn’t make a great data - we’re sure he would - but because she’s currently filming ‘Episode 8′ with director Rian Johnson.

It looks like Carlock’s next date with Daisy will be when the film is released on 15 December 2017.

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Picture Credits: Daisy Ridley / Instagram / Kevin Carnock.