Daisy Ridley's favorite films of all time are certified bangers

 Daisy Ridley and Matilda.
Daisy Ridley and Matilda.

Daisy Ridley's four favorite films are iconic children's movies, actually.

"I feel like my four choices are incredibly like, not cinephile-y, but there we go," Ridley told Letterboxd. "Honestly, I think they might all be kids' films. First and foremost Matilda, which I've spoken about at length. It's a perfect movie. I loved Matilda as a child and I still love it now. It's magical and wonderful. Second, Mulan. Love that it's based on a true story. The music is wonderful. It's beautiful. When she comes back and sees her father – oh my god."

Matilda, directed by and co-starring Danny DeVito, remains a timeless classic (that still makes me cry). Mulan, an animated feature about Disney's most atypical Disney princess,  was released two years later in 1998, and has also cemented itself as one of those pivotal childhood movies – and at the time, there was simply nothing like it.  The Star Wars actor went on to list Moana and Coco as her third and fourth favorites.

Continued Ridley: "The thing is, I don't tend to come back and rewatch things unless they're animated. I don't know what that says about me."

As Ridley points out, Moana and Coco both center on an important grandmother-granddaughter relationship. The two films also serve as a celebration of two respective cultures, with vibrant animation and show–stopping musical numbers. All in all, Ridley has great taste.

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