Dakota Johnson reveals why she keeps her relationship with Chris Martin private

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Dakota Johnson reveals why she keeps her relationship with Chris Martin private

Dakota Johnson has opened up about her relationship with Chris Martin and revealed why it’s so important for them to maintain their privacy from the press.

The 32-year-old actor discussed her romance with the 45-year-old Coldplay singer during a recent interview with Vanity Fair, where she was featured as the cover store for the magazine’s July/August issue.

According to Johnson, a big reason why she and Martin value their privacy is because of their large and blended family. The daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson has seven half-siblings, while her boyfriend is the father of two children -- Apple, 18, and Moses, 16, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Maybe I think about relationships like that differently because I grew up in my family,” she said. “We were all cool [with each other].”

However, the Fifty Shades of Grey star confessed that there were times when things weren’t always so great with her family, which has helped her realise the benefits of being “kind,” as they all “really love each other”.

“Obviously, there were times where it was not cool, but I experienced that, so I don’t want that in my life,” she added. “I don’t want any kids to experience anything like that. It’s better to be kind, and it’s also really nice that everybody actually really loves each other and has each other’s backs.

Elsewhere in the interview, Johnson also shared a moment in her relationship where Martin made her laugh. She recalled that while at her and Martin’s home in Malibu, they headed down to the beach. While looking at the ocean, Johnson forgot she hadn’t been wearing glasses and thought that there were seals in the ocean.

“Chris and I came down here the other day, and I was without my glasses,” she said. “We were watching ‘seals’ for 10, 15 minutes—and it was seaweed. He just let me think that they were seals the whole time.”

The Lost Daughter star went on to imitate Martin, with a sweet, slightly concerned voice, and said, “Yeah, there they are: seals.”

As they’ve been together for almost five years, Johnson recalled that she met Martin through a friend and how they have “never really left each other” since.

Johnson also noted how she’s had the opportunity to join Martin when he’s on tour. In October 2021, Martin notably pointed at his girlfriend in the balcony at a Coldplay concert and introduced his song, “My Universe”.

“This is about my universe,” he said. “She’s here!”

Johnson has previously addressed how she likes to keep her relationship private. While speaking to Elle magazine in December 2021, she expressed how she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend “inside the house” and away from the paparazzi.

“We’ve been together for quite a while and we go out sometimes, but we both work so much that it’s nice to be at home and be cosy and private,” The High Note star said. “Most of the partying takes place inside of my house.”

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