Dame Julie Andrews: I needed therapy after Mary Poppins success

By Sherna Noah, PA Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Dame Julie Andrews has said she needed therapy following the success of Mary Poppins.

The British star scooped a best actress Academy Award for her role as the magical nanny in her first Hollywood film.

“l kept the Oscar in the attic for a very long time because I thought I’d been given it as a ‘Welcome to Hollywood’ and I didn’t feel worthy of it,” the 84-year-old told The Graham Norton Show.

“So much early success sent me into therapy and analysis.”

Host Graham Norton with (left to right) Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Julie Andrews, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Dua Lipa (Isabel Infantes/PA)

The Sound Of Music star said: “I learnt you have to do it right and honour the films you are making.

“It’s a huge gift, but a lot of obligation.”

The actress has previously said that therapy “saved my life, in a way” after going for personal reasons and because she did not feel she had “clarity”.

“Sadly, I separated from my lovely first husband (Tony Walton), and separations were always inevitable and the marriage was over and my head was so full of clutter and garbage,” she has said.

Dame Julie told Norton she was “very lucky” not to have had any unpleasant encounters with men during her career.

“I married (director) Blake Edwards soon after arriving in Hollywood and it protected me from ever getting into that predicament,” she said.

Norton’s BBC One chat show this week also featured Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Sir Ian McKellen and singer Dua Lipa.

Revealing that she kept a few souvenirs from her breakout role in Legally Blonde, Witherspoon said: “I kept the whole wardrobe including 77 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes.

“I had it written in my contract! I didn’t touch them until the 15th anniversary and then had a lot of fun trying them on with my daughter.”

The Graham Norton Show airs on BBC One on Friday November 1 at 10.35pm.