Damian Lewis: Protesters ‘Missed The Point,’ Actor Tells Camden School Audience

This week saw actor Damian Lewis speak at the 50th anniversary of Acland Burghley School in Camden, London - but not to the pleasure of all present.

Former students of the state school protested to Lewis’ appearance, as the actor was himself educated at Eton. Starting a petition on the matter, signatories remarked that Lewis represented a system of ‘privilege and inequality’ which they deemed to run contrary to the principles of Acland Burghley School.

However, appearing at the event as planned, Lewis - who was born in London, and has lived in the vicinity of the school for ten years - said the protesters had “missed the point.”

As reported by the Daily Mail, the ‘Homeland’ and ‘Billions’ actor joked to the crowd at the Camden school, “For those of you who were hoping to meet Eddy Grant or Ms Dynamite or Lee Thompson from Madness (all of whom went to Acland Burghley School), I can only give my apologies. I was the best available.

“For those people out there who suggested by kindly writing into the newspapers this morning that perhaps I shouldn’t be here at all because I wasn’t at the school, what I would say to them is I think they are missing the point slightly because it seems to me that this evening is about more than that.

“It seems to me that this evening is about a celebration of our community here in Tufnell Park and he role the school has played here in Tufnell Park in the last 50 years.”

The actor also remarked, “It strikes me every time I walk down the street that there is more creativity, independence and support in this neighbourhood than any other neighbourhood I have lived in in London.

“That is of course exactly the qualities they teach the students here at Acland Burghley. It’s central to its ethos, and why it has been such a success and why it has been recognised as special status in performing arts and creative studies.”

Picture Credit: WENN, PA

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