Dan Stevens Gets a Tantalizing — If Mysterious — Offer He Can't Refuse in 'Kill Switch' (Exclusive Clip)

Despite looking like a horrific hairy monster, Dan Stevens managed to charm audiences worldwide as the beast in Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. And while that was no small feat, he’ll be faced with an even more difficult task in his upcoming, action-packed sci-fi saga Kill Switch — as we begin to discover in Yahoo Movies‘ exclusive clip from the film (watch it above).

In Tim Smit’s visual effects-heavy directorial debut, which is indebted to the style of modern video games, Stevens is Will Porter, a man who exists in a near future where everything is powered by energy harnessed by a gargantuan tower owned by Alterplex. Alas, it turns out that the tower is actually destroying a mirror Earth known as “The Echo,” and Will (an Air Force and NASA alum) has been chosen to rectify this calamitous situation — leading to a moral dilemma of global proportions. Before he’s faced with that predicament, however, he’s questioned intensely by his potential Alterplex employers, who make him a mysterious (and tantalizingly lucrative) offer: “an opportunity to explore impossible frontiers.”

With a recent resume that includes not only the Disney blockbuster musical but also indies Colossal and The Ticket (as well as FX’s Marvel TV series Legion), Stevens is fashioning a diverse big- and small-screen career. Kill Switch arrives in select theaters on June 16.

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