Daniel Day-Lewis school play pic looks like Abraham Lincoln

He’s been perfecting that beard for a while…

Daniel Day-Lewis made history at Sunday’s Oscars, with a record breaking third Best Actor win for his part in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’.

But now it seems the actor was born to play Honest Abe, as a newly discovered school photo shows a 16 year-old Daniel on stage in a school production, sporting a very Lincoln-esque look.

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That beard will come in handy one day (Credit: Ferrari Press Agency)
The photo, taken in 1973, show’s Daniel playing the part of a Russian soldier in Chekhov play ‘Three Sisters’, at Bedales School in Hampshire.

Day-Lewis’s teacher at the time, John Balston, told The Sun: “It was quite a demanding part but he played it superbly.”

“[He was] a jolly nice boy with a wild side,” said John, now 80, “I could tell he was a very talented and gifted young man.”

Side by side... in school play, and as Abraham Lincoln (Credit: Ferrari Press Agency)