Daniel Kaluuya does not feel pressured by reuniting with director Jordan Peele

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Daniel Kaluuya says he does not feel pressured by reuniting with director Jordan Peele for upcoming film Nope, but that it was “so important” that the film “connects”.

The British actor previously worked with Peele on the multi-award winning film Get Out, for which he was nominated for the best actor Oscar.

Speaking in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said since Get Out’s release in 2017 things had been “non-stop” and that he had reached a point in his career where he needed to “re-evaluate certain things”.

Nope is a horror film set on a Californian horse ranch, and stars Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun as well as Kaluuya.

Asked about the hype surrounding his and Peele’s reunion he said: “I don’t take the pressure. I like accomplishing the goals that we’ve set,”

“It was more [about] working with Jordan. Coming back and doing this with him.

The 90th Academy Awards – Press Room – Los Angeles
Peele won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Get Out at the 90th Academy Awards (Ian West/PA)

“We had a lot of conversations building up to the shoot, and when I got to the set, I was like, ‘Oh s***, this is a f**** action film… The most daring thing to do is go for it, [so] let’s do Bruce Willis then.”

“I really care about original films and original content, and to even be making a film like this with Keke Palmer as a lead, me as a lead, Jordan as a director on this level of budget and it be original – it’s so important that this film connects.”

Kaluuya added that he felt as though he had come to the “end of a chapter” in his career.

“Get Out happened and it’s just been nonstop, even though I don’t feel like I’ve been projecting that,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s just been consistently on the go, and I feel like you have to rethink certain things.

“This is the point where I rethink certain things. What makes me happy? What’s exciting? What excites me? What will excite the audience?

“And it could be the same trajectory that I’m on, but I’ve got to make sure it’s that.”

Nope is due for release in theatres on July 22.

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