Daniel Kaluuya shares an update on his Barney the Dinosaur movie

Daniel Kaluuya's movie about Barney the Dinosaur is still happening, but it remains in development because of the actor's "high standards" for the product.

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse is in cinemas now.

Video transcript

ROXY SIMONS: I really want to ask you about your "Barney" movie as well. Because, obviously, with films like "Barbie" coming out soon, I feel like it kind of opens the way for that one. So I wondered like with that coming out, do you feel like we'll see your "Barney" movie soon?

DANIEL KALUUYA: Scripts got to be good, innit? [LAUGHS] Do you know what I mean? It's in development. I mean, like I got-- I ask for higher standards for anything I work on.

I mean, so I'm producing that one. So we're still in. We're still in. We're still developing it.