Daniel Radcliffe: Star Wars: Episode VII Looks ‘Very, Very Cool’

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Daniel Radcliffe is part of a rare cabal of people who’ve visited the secretive ‘Star Wars: Episode VII' set, thanks to his personal publicist, who is also working on JJ Abrams' sci-fi spectacular.

"[The ‘Star Wars’ set was] fantastic, it’s so cool." he tells us in our ‘Horns' interview above. 

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"I’m a relatively new ‘Star Wars’ fan but it was very, very cool [to visit the set]." 

The former ‘Harry Potter’ star says he only spent a few hours at Pinewood Studios where ‘Episode VII’ is currently filming, but he was impressed with how relaxed the atmosphere was on set.

Star Wars 7

"The cool thing about it was how happy the set was and how much everyone really seemed to be enjoying it and getting on.

"The way everyone was going about their day seemed very energised in a very cool way, that makes you think: ‘Oh, these films are going to be good.’ People wouldn’t be putting this much into it if they didn’t think it was going to be good."

Elsewhere in our extended interview with the star of new horror ‘Horns’ (in cinemas now), Daniel told us about the time he made himself sick on the set by accidentally drinking antifreeze in his trailer, and about his run-in with a zebra on the set of ‘Victor Frankenstein’.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

He also has some sage words of advice for the future stars of the upcoming ‘Harry Potter’ spin-off franchise ‘Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them’, whoever they may be.

"Just have the best time," he says, "Enjoy it. Enjoy the people who you get to work with and the experience of being [on those sets]."

Wise words indeed.

'Horns' is in cinemas now.

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