Danny Boyle's 2012 opening ceremony to be released on DVD

Director says that the re-edited version of acclaimed production will 'make more sense'

Director Danny Boyle is to release his acclaimed London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony on DVD, he has confirmed.

Boyle will make a feature-length version of the event 'to make things clearer' for the audience, including areas of the ceremony he fears might have been lost.

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2012 opening ceremony... re-edited version to be released on DVD (Copyright: PA)

“It will make more sense in this version,” he told The Guardian.

The re-edited version of the night's events will reportedly have less of the lengthy procession of the athletes in the middle of the ceremony.

It will also feature more of director Ken Loach's 'Kes' and clips from director Nicolas Roeg, one of Boyle's idols.

Boyle added that there were initially more film clips in his original montage, but many had to be cut in order to deliver the production on time.

The original music, written by Underworld, will feature, as will the pop montage, featuring the likes of Dizzee Rascal.

The ceremony was watched by 27 million people in the UK alone.