Danny Dyer thinks Mr Bigstuff role proves he was 'right' to quit EastEnders

Danny Dyer thinks his role in 'Mr Bigstuff' has proved quitting 'EastEnders' was "the right decision".

The 46-year-old actor - who decided to leave Albert Square in 2022 after nine years as Mick Carter on the BBC soap - has a leading role in the new Sky comedy from 'Brassic' writer Ryan Sampson, and starring alongside the show's creator and scribe has been validating.

Asked if he quit 'EastEnders' because he'd read Ryan's script, he told Radio Times magazine: "Ryan was probably whispering in the ear of a witchcraft doll to tell me to leave…

"No, I needed to leave; this cemented that I'd made the right decision.

"People said, 'Oh he'll be back, he won't get more work'. How wrong were they?"

Ryan was determined to find a way to play "brothers" with Danny after seeing his cameo appearance in 'Plebs' 11 years ago.

He recalled: "After Danny had a cameo on 'Plebs', I got it into my head to write something about us as brothers.

"I thought it was funny: I'm a tiny gay from up north and he's, well, Danny Dyer. A producer said, 'It's great – but you do know Danny's in EastEnders?'

"I hadn't considered that soaps film day in, day out, all year. I was crestfallen.

"But that weekend came the headline, 'Dyer quits EastEnders'. It was God's plan, talking to me through the Daily Express!"

Ryan plays Glen in the show, with the Sky synopsis describing the character as "a nervy perfectionist and carpet salesman" who wants the idylic suburban life.

Meanwhile, his brother Lee (Danny) is an alpha male with a prescription drug addiction and a biscuit tin full of their dad’s ashes".

The synposis reads: "Glen and his fiancée Kirsty share a perfect, perfectly mundane life together. Sure, Glen's got crippling erectile dysfunction and Kirsty (Harriet Webb) has a secret shoplifting habit, but they're happy.

"That is until Lee comes crashing into their lives, whilst on the run from a past that's quickly catching up with him.

"The trio are forced together: a perfectionist, a fantasist and an anarchist all living under the same roof in an Essex cul-de-sac. It's not long before their 'perfect' lives start to unravel faster than the weave of a cheap carpet."