Danny Dyer's TV show cancelled after just one series

Danny Dyer’s TV career is on the line after Netflix cancel his new game show credit:Bang Showbiz
Danny Dyer’s TV career is on the line after Netflix cancel his new game show credit:Bang Showbiz

Danny Dyer’s game show has been cancelled after just one series.

The 46-year-old actor - who quit his long-running role as Mick Carter in BBC soap opera 'EastEnders' towards the end of last year - hosted ‘Cheat’ on Netflix from March with ‘Ted Lasso’ star Ellie Taylor, 40, though an insider has now claimed that the programme has already run its course and no more episodes will be produced.

The source told The Sun newspaper's TVZBiz column: “Danny was great as host, as was Ellie, but Netflix thought one series was just about right.

“It didn’t pick up a big following and will hardly go down in game show folklore. He enjoyed making the series, especially banking the pay cheque.”

The show saw contestants - who are branded as "rascals" by Danny - try to bluff their way through an increasingly difficult quiz in a chance to get their hands on a cash prize of £50,000.

At the time of ‘Cheat’’s announcement, the actor was thrilled to host the show and took to Twitter (now known as X) to share his excitement.

In a post, he wrote: “This is a great new series and there’s no quiz show better suited for me; expect enormous wins, loads of slippery people cheating and banter with the one and only, Ellie Taylor."

His co-star chimed in and replied: “I’m so excited to join Cheat and the Netflix family.

"Cheat has all the elements I want in a quiz show; great questions, unashamed cheating and Danny Dyer calling me 'Treacle' at least once per episode. I can't wait to get started!"

‘Cheat’ has not been the only TV project the actor has worked on since leaving the BBC soap - he also appeared on the Channel 5 drama ‘Heat’, as well as moving over to the streaming service Disney+ for the series “Rivals’, which could see a release date next year.

The TV star insisted he had to keep working to ensure he fulfils his promise to leave his dog Debbie £500,000 in his will.

He said: “I feel I need to give her something or get some proper carers for her, give her a flat with a carpet. Give her whatever she wants out of guilt. Also, it would wind my missus up.”