Danny Elfman To Create New Avengers Theme 'Hybrid' for Age of Ultron

Ben Skipper

Danny Elfman, the legendary Oscar-nominated composer best known for his work Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ and Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ will be lending his ear to ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ as well. 

Elfman is working with Marvel to re-jig Alan Silvestri’s great original ‘Avengers’ theme to create a “hybrid”. 

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The 61-year-old revealed the news while talking to Australian radio station 891 ABC Adelaide (via Comic Book Movies), saying: “I’ve contributed music to the new ‘Avengers’ movie. 

“I took part of Alan Silvestri’s theme on the original, which I really liked, and I pulled it into it new theme, which became kind of a hybrid. I really enjoyed that.”

Elfman won’t be working on the film’s entire score, that is being handled by ‘Iron Man 3′ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’s Brian Tyler having earned his stripes on the two prominent films in Marvel Studios’ Phase Two. 

With a new composer replacing Silvestri in ‘Age of Ultron’ some fans had been concerned that his rousing theme might be replaced, but it’s good to know it is being given the chance to become part of the series’ iconography. 

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ will be released on 23 April. 

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Picture Credits: Marvel Studios.