Danny Trejo rides a bison in exclusive clip from 'Dead Again in Tombstone'

Danny Trejo is one of modern cinema’s preeminent badasses, as evidenced by his work in countless genre films like Heat, Con Air, Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, Reindeer Games, Spy Kids, xXx, The Devil’s Rejects, Predators, and both Machete and Machete Kills (to name just a few!). One of his most popular recent efforts was 2013’s Dead in Tombstone, in which he played a gang leader who returns from the dead — thanks to Satan — to avenge his own death. That Western-horror effort was such a hit with audiences, he’ll be reprising his role in next week’s sequel Dead Again in Tombstone. And as our exclusive clip proves, he’ll be pulling off a stunt in the film that’s nothing short of historic.

As you can see in the above behind-the-scenes footage from Dead Again in Tombstone, Trejo performs a feat that no prior actor has ever done before: he rides a live bison. Both director Roel Reiné and stuntman Dwayne Wiley make clear that this accomplishment is all the more impressive for being so dangerous, as the enormous beasts — Trejo claims they’re 2,500 pounds, compared to his relatively svelte 190-pound frame — are not generally cool with letting humans take them out for a spin. No matter the peril, though, Trejo seems ecstatic about the stunt, and when we spoke with him during a Facebook Live chat earlier this week (check the 2:45 mark), he expressed pride in succeeding at something that neither Schwarzenegger nor Stallone (or any other big-screen he-man) had ever even tried.

Danny Trejo FB Live

Danny Trejo was live with Kevin Polowy talking about Dead Again in Tombstone! Watch full interview here.

Posted by Yahoo Movies on Thursday, August 31, 2017

Co-starring Jake Busey, Elysia Rotaru, Dean McDermott, Elizabeth Lavender, Peter Skagen, Michelle Rios, and Joe-Norman Shaw, Dead Again in Tombstone debuts on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD, and On Demand on Tuesday.

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