Daredevil reboot is just days away from filming, but might end up being shorter than expected

 Kingpin and Daredevil.
Kingpin and Daredevil.

It turns out the Daredevil: Born Again reboot might not be as many episodes as we're all expecting.

Kingpin actor Vincent D'Onofrio, who most recently appeared in Disney Plus show Echo, revealed that the show – ordered for 18 episodes – might end up shorter (or longer) than that impressive figure.

"The amount of episodes keeps fluctuating, so I don't really know the number that we're at right now," D'Onofrio told "But it seems like there are a few shows that could work with more episodes, then some that just need eight or 10 or six. Echo is like five."

"I think this show could definitely work with more episodes, and I know that Charlie [Cox] is, and I am too, happy to do that," he added. "But the number keeps fluctuating. I think you're gonna have to wait for an official announcement, because I don't want to say a number that we're going to do because I'm not even quite sure what it is."

The Daredevil reboot underwent a creative overhaul behind the scenes, with Marvel letting go of its writers and directors. Born Again now has The Punisher writer Dario Scardapane as showrunner, and Moon Knight directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead boarding the project.

But, however long Born Again ends up, it sounds like the show will be in production very soon. "We're days away from restarting Daredevil, so we're about to plunge into a lot of work," D'Onofrio said in the same interview.

"We're shooting in New York, in the studio and on locations here," he added. "Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Chelsea. Stuff like that."

There's no release date for Daredevil: Born Again just yet, but, judging by this latest update, we can probably expect it some time in late 2024 or early 2025.

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