Daredevil's Wilson Bethel Is Reportedly Returning For Born Again, And Fan Art Has Me Chomping At The Bit To See Him In The Suit

 Wilson Bethel on Daredevil.
Wilson Bethel on Daredevil.

The hype for Daredevil: Born Again has been steadily rising, and that’s in great part due to the reports that have surfaced as of late. A major one dropped just this week, as sources claim that Bullseye actor Wilson Bethel is returning for the superhero show. As you’d expect, neither Disney nor Marvel Studios has confirmed or denied the chatter. Still, fans seem excited by the prospect of the dangerous villain re-entering the fray. Amid all of this, some fan art of Wilson as the character has surfaced, and it truly has me chomping at the bit to see him reprise his role.

On the original Netflix series, Wilson Bethel’s Benjamin Poindexter didn’t actually wear the marksman’s suit from the comics. (Ironically enough, he mostly wore DD’s due to a plan orchestrated by Kingpin.) Many have longed to see the actor don some kind of version of Dex’s famous duds. So that’s why so many have dropped custom drawings that feature potential designs. An Instagram user named spdrmnkyxxiii shared his own take on it, which is clearly influenced by the layout of Matt Murdock’s own suit. Take a look:

I’m seriously wondering whether the character could actually appear in a suit like the one above when he shows up in Born Again. It’s relatively practical and would seem functional, given the similarities to series star Charlie Cox’s own costume. Then again, should they be planning to give Dex a suit, maybe the producers would want to go with something different. Either way, this sweet piece of artwork is more than enough to get someone excited about what could be on the way.

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Charlie Cox on Daredevil on Disney+
Charlie Cox on Daredevil on Disney+

Daredevil: Born Again: What We Know About The Upcoming Marvel Series

Agent Poindexter/Bullseye was introduced during the third season of Daredevil as an FBI agent tasked with helping to oversee Wilson Fisk’s house arrest. New York’s Kingpin of crime manages to manipulate by playing on his psychotic nature. From there, he poses as DD in order to frame him for high-profile murders. Poindexter later turns on Fisk after learning he was tricked and, by the end of the season, he’s paralyzed by Fisk in a fight. The character is last seen undergoing experimental surgery to repair his spine, and a gleam in his eye suggests that he still has revenge on his mind.

News of Wilson Bethel’s supposed return drops amid a flurry of rumors regarding the new direction the MCU series (which will be available to stream with a Disney+ subscription) is apparently taking. After a few episodes of Born Again were shot ahead of the Hollywood strikes in 2023, it was reported that the show would undergo a major overhaul, as Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige wasn’t impressed with the work that had been done thus far. As part of the changes, Dario Scardapane – who wrote for the Netflix show – was named showrunner and Moon Knight alums Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead were brought on to direct.

Casting rumors have also been floating around for months. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio have long been confirmed to star on the show, and it’s also been said that Jon Berenthal is returning as the Punisher. And, even more recently, sources claim that franchise OGs Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson are returning as Karen Page and Franklin “Foggy” Nelson, respectively. All in all, one definitely gets the notion that the producers are looking to draw on what made the Netflix show so popular.

I’m hopeful that the reported stars do indeed return in meaningful capacities, including Wilson Bethel’s Bullseye. I’d like to think that more fan art of him (and others) is going to drop amid production on the highly anticipated production. And, to that, I say bring it on!

As you wait for Born Again, you can stream Daredevil on Disney+ to check out Dex’s devious exploits. Know that there are also plenty of series on the 2024 TV schedule to look forward to, including some upcoming Marvel shows.