'Dark Phoenix': Evans Peters 'sad' that Quicksilver's big storyline will be left unresolved

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Credit: Fox)
Evan Peters in X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Credit: Fox)

Ever since Evan Peters’ introduction as Quicksilver, the X-Men franchise has teased his relationship with Magneto but unfortunately it won’t get resolved in Dark Phoenix.

Fans of the film franchise and comic books will know that Peters’ super-speedy mutant is the biological son of Michael Fassbender’s Magneto and despite this storyline being touched on in X-Men: Apocalypse, it is completely left out of the latest movie.

As this could be the last film featuring the current roster of X-Men actors, Peters told The TalkFilm Podcast that he would be upset if this was his final outing as Quicksilver.

“No, I'd be sad,” the actor said. “I'd want to do more, there's more to explore and shooting the sequences are more fun and just to be behind the scenes on it.

Michael Fassbender as Magneto and Evan Peters as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past (Credit: Fox)
Michael Fassbender as Magneto and Evan Peters as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past (Credit: Fox)

“Originally I think they were going to have Quicksilver tell Eric that he was his son but it felt a little forced in a situation,” Peters said earlier in the podcast interview.

“Would he want him to know that as he's destroying everything in that moment, and is that going to be enough to turn him to the good side? So it was kind of like would you really want to put yourself out there in that situation? You might wanna wait until you're having some coffee or chilled out and tell him.”

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Dark Phoenix writer and director Simon Kinberg also discussed the Magneto-Quicksilver subplot with Yahoo Movies UK.

“It was not part of the idea for this movie,” Kinberg said. “Part of what I felt is in the X-Men movies that maybe are not our strongest films is that we sometimes bite off more than we can chew in terms of the characters. We service so many characters’ stories, that we lose, in some ways, the emotional through line of the film.

“And so I didn't really want to get into the relationship between Quicksilver and Magneto in this movie, they have no scenes together.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Credit: Fox)
Evan has a reduced role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Credit: Fox)

Kinberg says they were going to do the parentage reveal in X-Men: Apocalypse, which seems to be what Peters was referring to, but explained that the film “didn't have the space to really address it properly.”

“There's little moments in the movie that sort of do,” he added. “So no, that is definitely something that has not fully been mined yet.”

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Peters’ makes a shorter appearance in the film because of scheduling conflicts with his long-running TV show American Horror Story, but he still hopes that Dark Phoenix won’t be the last we see of Quicksilver.

He told TalkFilm it “would be really fun” for the X-Men hero to team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy or Deadpool now that they all live under Disney’s umbrella corporation.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is in cinemas Wednesday 5 June